By now you’ve probably attended a zoom quiz with your best friends, your nan and your family dog… but did you know it’s also a very handy business tool for sharing virtual tours? Via screen sharing you can walk prospective clients through your gym with your own commentary, reassure them of social distancing measures and give them as close to a real-life walkthrough experience as possible.

Check out our video below to see just how easy it is 

Gym marketing is big business, and many prospective clients will look up more than one gym online; make sure your gym stands out from the crowd with a virtual tour and create more engagement on your website at the same time. The longer you keep them on your site, the more likely they are to take the next step to join.

Simply put, our virtual tours are the closest you’re going to get to experiencing a gym space without needing to be there. The only, all-in-one reality capture system that also provides floor plans, tag points, dollshouse views, video and VR capability. Their ability to market your space in this unusual time just can’t be compared to traditional media, so don’t delay, provide your gym with the content and coverage you need to set yourselves above the rest!

How are virtual tours useful in this climate?

In this unprecedented time, we’re all looking at how to relaunch businesses whilst keeping our clients and staff safe. Virtual tours can be used in many ways for this purpose, not just for promoting a space prior to the lockdown being relaxed. Tag points can be added to your tours- a tool that is useful for adding videos and information on your gym equipment but also for information on how you’re implementing social distancing safely to reassure your clients.

You can also use the floorplans to work out distancing, and the measuring tool to figure out where you would put your 2m markers!

How can I use a virtual tour on my social media?

Virtual tours provide you with not only a stunning representation of your gym, but all the tools to enhance your social media content too! As well as your full virtual tour, you will also be provided with images from the tour, 360° images and a video of your walkthrough. Check out our video here to see how easy it is post your tour on social media.

3D tours are the future; saving time and money. They’re not only a stunning marketing tool and a way to showcase your gym, but also a convenient way for your potential clients to walk through and view a space (virtually) at any time of the day or night. They allow prospective clients to view the gym, the equipment and experience the feel of the place, all from the comfort of their own home. This provides them with confidence that your gym is the right one for them before even opening your door. In fact, we’ve had several of our gym clients say that they had customers come in and not even request the walk-round when signing up as they already knew it had everything they required!

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