Our team at 3D Virtual Solutions completed a project last summer for Attain Interiors, a fit-out construction company.

The space to be scanned was in Stratford, London and what started as a bare building site was transformed by Attain Interiors to a state of the art boxing gym. 9round gyms consist of 9 stations (hence the name!), and offer an intense time-efficient workout supervised by personal trainers. Their latest one, having been fit-out by Attain Interiors, is a stunning representation of a modern, clean exercise space that we’d be quick to join if we lived in London!

Attain Interiors asked us initially to scan the space as a building site. This provided them with many time saving benefits including being able to send the link to contractors with the fully measured floor plan, which meant they could price for the job from afar saving both Attain and the contractor time and money. Our virtual tours now also have an inbuilt measuring tool so that you can measure any area in the space; this allowed Attain Interiors to check things from their office without having to drive to London! It also helped them with communicating about the space during the fit-out, as they were able to link to specific areas of the space to show exactly what they were referring to.

We then returned to the space after the fit-out was completed, which was great as we got to see it’s transformation! We created a virtual tour of the space post fit-out as well as a photoshoot; providing essential multimedia content for both Attain Interior’s and 9round’s social media. It is a hugely effective way to show the transformation of the space and the ‘before and after’ to have both scans side by side. For Attain Interiors it is invaluable to be able to show future clients the quality of their work as well as specific details such as lighting, flooring, sound systems etc.

“Having a virtual tour has saved us time and money, being able to send it to contractors to explain exactly what we were talking about was invaluable and made our work and pricing much more accurate- great for the client too! It’s great to have so many different ways to use the virtual tour on our social media and website, and we love to stand out from the crowd and impress by utilising the latest technologies! Thanks 3D Virtual Solutions!”

Ben McConaghy

Director, Attain Interiors

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