Situated at the top of Park Street in Bristol, the iconic Wills Memorial Building – part of the University of Bristol’s Venues and Events portfolio – makes for an inspiring and characterful space.

We were tasked with creating a full 3D video tour of the venue in December – and we certainly weren’t short of stunning spaces to capture footage of; from the Reception Room and Council Chamber to the impressive Great Hall itself. Think carved stone vaulted ceilings, a sweeping stone staircase, arched windows and oak panelled walls. Perfect venue material.

You may have seen our 3D tours before – they allow you to effectively walk through the space, seeing each room as you go, and explore the full floor plan. Our tour of Wills Memorial Building now lives on the University of Bristol’s website, enabling those looking for potential venue hire to quickly and easily access the tour and ensure it fits with their upcoming event:

What a virtual tour is NOT!

We’ve seen some venues offering what they call “virtual tours”, which are in fact FaceTime video calls with their client/potential client. This consists of someone on site walking around the venue with their phone in their hand – and are often glitchy and breathless as a result! Additionally, there’s no floorplan overview, the client can’t refer back anytime or share with others, and they still only see what the “virtual tour” wants them to see.

Others offer a fixed video – while some are cheeky enough to scroll through pages of their online brochure whilst adding commentary, dubbing it a “virtual tour”!

3D Virtual Solutions: Leave a lasting impression

Using one of our 3D virtual tours you can still include the face-to-face element – adding commentary, watching reactions, making notes and seamlessly dropping in and out of spaces on different floors.

And when you take this on-site scanning and turn it into a short video, the results can be impressive:

Even during the current restrictions, we can work safely, quickly and easily on site to capture virtual tours of such high quality that they can be used to create a video clip. This can then be used on third party sites, or some venues choose to use them on a monitor at reception playing on a loop.

Endless benefits

At the moment especially, when we’re unable to visit venues in the flesh, our 3D virtual tours allow potential customers to ‘look around’ from the comfort of their own sofa, at a time that suits them – it’s like being on site, minus the stress of travel!

From gyms and hotels to wedding venues, universities, estate agents and more, businesses of all shapes and sizes can benefit from a 3D virtual tour. They’re a cost-effective, quick and innovative way of boosting your bottom line – something that many businesses need right now. Get in touch today for a no-pressure chat to see how we can help!