Time Lapse Photography

We are constantly updating our photography equipment to provide you with the most up to date technology to market your space. This is why we have invested in the latest time lapse photographic equipment so that you can document a new build, renovation or even just how your space is used daily. It can be edited, set to music and used on social media or your website for a really mesmerising way of looking at a space.

We provide full HD and HDR images to create our time lapse footage, which can be set up both internally and externally with a weatherproof housing (IPX5) and using our versatile clamp mount which enables shooting from an angle of your choice in any open space.
Our software allows us to set up scheduled recording, to meet the demands of your project and our awesomely long lasting power supply allows us to record with minimum care and maintenance, simply set it up and forget about it until the project is done.